NRG 3 gained a suspect reputation in the past. Having been the product of naphyrone originally, the blend changed significantly with every batch produced and this resulted in suspect ingredients being included until it was nothing more than a crude, toxic, unrefined mix of ‘your guess is as good as mine’

Thankfully, NRG 3 is back as a serious research alternative and now deserves re visiting. Seasoned and long term research staff will almost certainly want to review the new NRG 3, and new students who take part in this particular study should look forward to itemiser testing which may throw up a few pleasant surprises.
The exploration of NRG 3 should always be approached with caution. This is a highly potent chemical formulation manufactured for the purposes of cross referencing samples, to identify drug interactions and for analytical studies.

CAS Number698963-77-8 
17763-01-8 (hydrochloride)
PubChem CID60208608
CompTox Dashboard (EPA)D


Gogaine powder has developed a reputation for being a product that is great for research and testing purposes – this is because it acts as a nor epinephrine and dopamine re-uptake inhibitor. Our own investigations have shown that it performs exceptionally well when compared to other products in the same category, and it is classified in general as an ‘analogue of Methamphetamine.’ The substance has been banned in Germany, and it is also prohibited in a number of US states including Florida.

The main ingredients of Gogaine include Methiopropamine and Ethylphenidate, and its unique formulation makes it perfect for people that wish to carry out their own experimentation and research in a strictly ‘non in-vivo’ situation (this is not to be used within any living organism/human/animal). It has passed through a number of rigorous testing procedures to ensure that it is of the highest quality, and it is generally far less reactive than Dextroamphetamine under lab conditions.

Contains: Ethylphenidate / Methiopropamine / Caffeine


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