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Titolo Increasing home based dialysis therapies to tackle dialysis burden around the world: A Position Statement on Dialysis Economics from the 2nd Congress of the International Society for Hemodialysis
Autore Philip Kam-Tao LI, Wai Lun CHEUNG, Sing Leung LUI, Christopher BLAGG, Alan CASS, Lai Seong HOOI, Ho Yung LEE, Francesco LOCATELLI, Tao WANG, Chih-Wei YANG, Bernard CANAUD, Yuk Lun CHENG, Hui Lin CHOONG, Angel L De FRANCISCO, Victor GURA, Kazo KAIZU, Peter G KERR, Un I KUOK, Chi Bon LEUNG, Wai-Kei LO, Madhukar MISRA, Cheuk Chun SZETO, Kwok Lung TONG, Kriang TUNGSANGA, Robert WALKER, Andrew Kui-Man WONG, Alex Wai-Yin YU
Referenza Nephrology 2010; doi: 10.1111/j.1440.2010.01418
Contenuto Position Statements on tackling the dialysis burden 1-The global increase in end stage renal failure patients poses significant stresses on healthcare systems around the world. 2-The current world wide provision of the majority of renal replacement therapy via in-centre hemodialysis (HD) is costly. The provision of home based therapies, as either Home HD or peritoneal dialysis (PD), is less costly than in-centre HD, in most parts of the world. 3-Home therapies provide a level of empowerment to patients that impact positively on their patient outcome and quality of life. 4-Proactive pre-dialysis patient education on the availability of dialysis modalities including in-centre hemodialysis, home based hemodialysis, and home based peritoneal dialysis programmes (CAPD and Automated PD) should be enhanced in order to improve patient choice regarding their dialysis regimen. 5-The dialysis community should engage with local governments and Health Authorities to discuss the planning and provision of dialysis modalities with a view to providing the most cost effective therapies. 6-Local governments and Health Authorities should actively plan the increase use of home dialysis modalites in order to maximize health care resources for treating end stage renal disease patients.
Data 08.11.2010
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