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Titolo Evaluation of peritoneal membrane characteristics: a clinical advice for prescription management by the ERBP working group
Autore Wim van Biesen1, Olof Heimburger2, Raymond Krediet3, Bengt Rippe4, Vicenzo Lamilia5, Adrian Covic6, Raymond Vanholder1 and for the ERBP working group on peritoneal dialysis - 1Renal Division, University Hospital Ghent, Ghent, Belgium, 2Dept of Clinical Science, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, 3Division of Nephrology, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 4Dept of Nephrology, University Hospital of Lund, Lund, Sweden, 5Dept of Nephrology and Dialysis, A. Manzoni Hospital, Lecco, Italy and 6Nephrology Clinic, Parhon University Hospital, Iasi, Romania
Referenza Nephrol Dial Transplant 2010; doi: 10.1093/ndt/gfq100
Contenuto Peritoneal dialysis (PD) uses the peritoneal membrane as a semi-permeable membrane for solute transfer and ultrafiltration. The properties of this membrane are important determinants for selecting the optimal treatment regimen but vary among individuals as well as within the same individual over time (for review, see Coester et al. [1]). As such, evaluation of the peritoneal membrane characteristics is of importance to guide PD prescription management (Figure 1). So far, the European Best Practice Guidelines (EBPG) have not covered the evaluation of the peritoneal membrane, but other guideline bodies have done so [2-4]. The present document summarizes the point of view of the European Renal Best Practice (ERBP) advisory board on this topic. In accordance with the mission statement of ERBP [5], this position statement is not a guideline, which would necessitate a complete in-depth analysis of the literature, but reflects recommendations and/or clinical advice on how to evaluate peritoneal membrane characteristics in clinical practice and how the results should be incorporated in PD prescription. The recommendations/clinical advice are based on expert opinions, supported by evidence when available.
Data 11.03.2010
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