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Titolo Maintaining over time Clinical Performance targets on Anaemia correction in unselected population on chronic dialysis at 20 Italian Centres. Data from a retrospective study for a Clinical Audit
Autore Silvia Soffritti 1*,Giorgia Russo1 ,Stefano Cantelli 1, Giuseppe Gilli2,Luigi Catizone 1 1Division of Nephrology, S. Anna University Hospital , Corso Giovecca 203, 44100 Ferrara, Italy 2 Office of Medical Statistics, Health Physics Service, S. Anna University Hospital , Corso Giovecca 203,44100 Ferrara, Italy
Referenza BMC Nephrology 2009, doi:10.1186/1471-2369-10-33
Contenuto Background The Italian and European Best Practice Guidelines (EBPG) recommend a target haemoglobin value greater than 11 g/dl in most patients with Chronic Kidney Diseases. However, it is still difficult to maintain these values at a steady rate. Thus, the main aim of the study was to evaluate, throughout 2005, how many patients steadily maintained the performance targets related to anaemia treatment. Methods The survey was conducted on 3283 patients on haemodialysis (HD) and peritoneal dialysis (PD) at 20 Italian dialysis centres. 540 patients were randomly selected; each centre provided a statistically significant sample proportional to its total number of patients. Maintenance of the following target levels was assessed over time: Haemoglobin (HB) 11-12 gr/dl; Iron: 60-160 mcg/dl; Ferritin: 30-400 mcg/l; Transferrin: 200-360 mg/dl; Transferrin saturation percentage (TSAT %):> 25 <50; Dialysis doses (KT/V) : >1.2 <2.0 for non-diabetic HD patients; >1.5 <2.2 for diabetic HD patients; DP: >1.8 <2.5. Outcome included: 1- Percentage of target maintenance for each parameter. 2- Erythropoietin dose in relation to dialysis techniques, presence of cancer or myeloma, diabetic status, Vitamin B therapy. 3- Erythropoietin dose (International Units/kg/week) (IU/kg/wk) depending on: haemoglobin values, hospitalization of more than 3 days. Results Mean age was 65.1; mean haemoglobin concentration over the whole population was 11.3 gr /dl (Standard Deviation (SD): 0.91). The clinical performance targets were maintained over time as follows: HB: 4.3% (Mean 11.43 gr/dl) (SD: 0.42); Ferritin: 71.1% (Mean: 250.23 mcg/L (SD:104.07); Iron: 95.0% (Mean 59.79 mcg/dl )(SD:16.76 ); Transferrin: 44.8% (Mean 216.83 mg/dl) (SD: 19,50); TSAT %: in 8.4% (Mean: 34.33% (SD: 6.56 ); HD KT/V: 61.0% (Mean:1.46) (SD: 0.7 ); PD KT/V:31.4 % (Mean: 2.10) (SD: 0.02). The average weekly dose of Erythropoietin (IU/Kg/Wk) was significantly lower for the peritoneal dialysis technique; the higher haemoglobin values, the lower the Erythropoietin dose (IU/ Kg /Wk). Conclusions A very low percentage of patients maintained haemoglobin target values over time. We need to identify precise criteria to evaluate the stability over time of clinical performance targets proposed by the guidelines.
Data 18.11.2009
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