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Titolo Improved intradialytic stability during haemodialysis with blood volume-controlled ultrafiltration
Autore Danila Gabrielli1, Batya Kristal2, Krassimir Katzarski3, Maan Youssef4, Toufic Hachache5, Franti?ek Lopot6, Catherine Lasseur7, Thomas Gunne8, Branimir Draganov9, Ralf Wojke10, Adelheid Gauly10 -1Hospital of Valle d?Aosta, Aosta - Italy, 2Western Galilee Hospital, Nahariya - Israel, 3 Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm - Sweden, 4Hospital René Dubos, Pontoise - France, 5AGDUC, La Tronche - France, 6 General University Hospital, Prague-Strahov - Czech Republic, 7Hospital Saint André, Bordeaux - France, 8General Hospital, Mora - Sweden 9Ulleval University Hospital, Oslo - Norway 10Fresenius Medical Care, Bad Homburg - Germany
Referenza J Nephrol 2009; 22: 232-240
Contenuto Background: Intradialytic morbid events (IMEs) during haemodialysis (HD), including symptomatic hypotension, are related to ultrafiltration (UF)-induced hypovolaemia. Blood volume monitoring and automatic feedback control of the UF rate were developed to limit the extent of hypovolaemia during dialysis. The present study investigated the effect of blood volume (BV)-controlled UF on the incidence of HD treatments with IMEs. Methods: This prospective randomised crossover study included hypotension-prone patients, characterised by occurrence of IMEs in at least 33% of HD treatments during a 6-week screening phase. These patients underwent 2 treatment phases, each lasting 6 weeks, in randomised order. Each patient served as their own control, treated with standard HD in one phase and with BV-controlled UF in the other phase. Results: Thirty-four patients from 9 HD centres were enrolled; 26 could be included in the analysis population. In comparison with standard HD, BV-controlled UF reduced the percentage of HD sessions complicated by IME significantly from 40% ± 27% to 32% ± 25% (p=0.02). A lower frequency of HD sessions with IME could be observed in 46% of the patients. The frequency of treatments with symptomatic hypotension was reduced from 32% ± 23% in standard HD to 24% ± 21% with BV-controlled UF (p=0.04). Changes in blood pressure and heart rate from start to end of the HD session were not different between the 2 treatment modes. Conclusions: This crossover study showed improved intradialytic stability with BV-controlled UF, compared with standard HD.
Data 25.05.2009
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