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Titolo Therapeutic Benefits of Horticulture for Dialysis Patients
Autore Adriana Cecilia Martorell; Marta Lugo - The authors are with the Fresenius Medical Care Argentina?Quality of Life Projects, Suipacha, Argentina
Referenza Dialysis & Transplantation; 2008 37 (11): 460-461
Contenuto We present an experience that took place in Argentina and involved almost 4000 patients, leading us to conclude that the therapeutic virtues attributed to horticulture as described for other maladies can be pertinent to dialysis patients. We base these conclusions on surveys and testimonials collected during the period 2002-2005. The loss of an occupation, with consequences on the person?s autonomy, family roles, and social roles results in a diminished quality of life for the hemodialysis patient.1,2 Beyond the economic loss are psychosocial losses that can lead to isolation and impaired self-esteem. Incorporating gardening into rehabilitation programs is not new, particularly as a treatment for psychiatric conditions and in residential settings. In fact, ?horticultural therapy? is a recognized discipline in countries such as the United States, Great Britain, and Japan. Does horticulture have special characteristics that make it particularly apt and therapeutic for dialysis patients? According to our experience, the practice of horticulture? beyond constituting an accessible occupation?entails particular benefits for dialysis patients. Let us mention how some therapeutic effects attributed to horticulture3,4 manifest themselves in dialysis patients.
Data 13.11.2008
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