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Titolo Un caso particolare di emodialisi con un single pass batch system
Autore A. Teutonico, D. Chimienti, A. Bruno, S. Cocola, P. Libutti, C. Lomonte, C. Basile - Unità Operativa Complessa di Nefrologia e Dialisi, Ente Ecclesiastico Ospedale Generale Regionale F Miulli, Acquaviva delle Fonti (Bari), Italy.
Referenza Giornale Italiano di Nefrologia 2008; 25 (4): 484-487
Contenuto The GENIUS 90 Therapy System (GENIUS) (Fresenius Medical Care, Bad Homburg, Germany) is a mobile dialysis machine with a 90-liter, thermally insulated glass tank. Fresh dialysis fluid is prepared by mixing sterile ingredients (electrolytes and glucose) with preheated ultrapure water. Here we report the case of a 60-year-old hemodialysis patient who was hospitalized in our unit in November 2005 because of an ischemic stroke affecting the left temporal-parietal-occipital region of the brain. The persisting clinical features included right hemiplegia, motor aphasia, epilepsy and stage I coma. The patient started thrice-weekly GENIUS hemodialysis treatment (about 270 sessions to date) in his hospital room with no continuous nursing assistance. In conclusion, GENIUS is able to offer user-friendly, high-quality and adequate dialysis treatment.
Data 01.09.2008
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