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Titolo Prometheus: From legend to the real liver support therapy
Autore K. Rifai, C. Tetta, C. Ronco
Referenza Int J Art Organs 2007; 30: 858-863
Contenuto Background: A large number of patients develop liver disease that may evolve into progressive chronic failure. Artificial liver support systems (e.g., MARS and Prometheus) are considered in the framework of the steady increase in the number of patients who could possibly benefit from these blood purification devices. Albumin dialysis and adsorption are now two integrated concepts. The present know-how enabling us to appropriately modify several intrinsic characteristics of the adsorbents - e.g., their chemical nature, the particle and pore size distribution, as well as a larger surface offered to adsorption - has helped in better fine-tuning liver support systems to improve adsorption kinetics and flow characteristics specifically for the intended clinical application. These properties together with an improved biocompatibility have made possible the development of adsorptive techniques for which clearances and total removal rates of target compound would be unthinkable with conventional hemodialysis or hemofiltration. Several adsorptive techniques are already available commercially for the treatment of sepsis and septic shock and of acute liver failure, but controlled studies with clinical end points are still lacking.
Data 14.01.2008
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