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Titolo Mineral metabolism and mortality in patients with chronic kidney disease
Autore E. W. Young
Referenza Advances in Chronic Kideny Disease 2007; 14 (1): 13-21
Contenuto Chronic kidney disease is associated with profound alterations in mineral metabolism. A growing body of evidence, based largely on observational studies, indicates that patient mortality is associated with altered mineral metabolism. Evidence is reviewed concerning the association between mortality and high concentrations of serum phosphorus, calcium, calcium-phosphate product, and parathyroid hormone. In addition, mortality may be independently associated with dialysate calcium concentration, type of phosphate binder therapy, and use of vitamin D analogs. Practices related to management of altered mineral metabolism may prove to be a promising means of improving outcomes for patients with chronic kidney disease. © 2007 by the National Kidney Foundation, Inc. Index Words: Chronic kidney disease; Epidemiology; Mortality; Phosphate; Calcium; Parathyroid hormone; Dialysis
Data 26.02.2007
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