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Titolo Improvment in -uremic- cardiomyopathy by persistent ultrafiltration
Autore H. Töz, M. Özkahya, F. Özerkan, G. Asci, E. Ok
Referenza Hemodialysis International 2007; 11: 46-50
Contenuto Some patients with end-stage renal disease suffer severe cardiac dilatation with functional disturbances, notably low ejection fraction (EF) and valvular regurgitation. They often have normal or low blood pressure, and tolerate ultrafiltration (UF) poorly. The aim of our study was to investigate to what extent this condition can still be improved by persistent slow UF. Twelve patients with cardiothoracic index 40.54 and EF o0.45 but otherwise uncomplicated were treated by slow, prolonged UF during hemodialysis (3 times a week) sessions, if necessary supplemented by isolated UF sessions on a separate day. Repeated chest X-rays and Doppler echocardiography were applied. During treatment periods varying from 20 to 120 days, all of the patients lost weight (12 _ 10 kg) and became edema free. Cardiothoracic index decreased in all patients from a mean of 0.59 _ 0.04 to 0.47 _ 0.03. Blood pressure decreased when it had been elevated and increased when it was below normal. Ejection fraction increased in all of them from a mean of 0.31 _ 0.9 to 0.50 _ 0.9. Mitral and tricuspid regurgitation were found in every patient and disappeared or improved in all of them. Striking improvement of cardiac dilatation and dysfunction can be achieved by carefully monitored persistent UF in the majority of patients with seemingly intractable dilated cardiomyopathy.
Data 13.02.2007
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