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Titolo Costs and benefits of improving renal failure treatment?where do we go?
Autore C. Jacobs
Referenza Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 2006; 21(8): 2049-2052
Contenuto Cost-effective renal care should encompass a global strategy which includes: (i) early detection of CKD in patients at risk; (ii) organization of a sustained medical follow-up of CKD-detected patients aimed at providing all validated measures of optimal nephroprotection; and (iii) of utmost importance is the timely referral to a qualified nephrological team, working in close coordination with the patients? general practitioner and other required specialists [34,35]. It is worrying to note that because of the delayed referral, the outcome of many ESRF patients is directly threatened and the cost of the early stages of RRT greatly increased, even in countries where access to nephrology facilities is widely available and which offer all therapeutic modalities integrated into a combined dialysis-transplantation programme [36-39]. Early referral to the nephrologist offers an optimal chance of timely initiation of RRT for well-prepared patients and families, the opportunity for choosing the best patient-specific and most cost-effective method of RRT, i.e. TX and/or out-of-centre-dialysis (PD, home HD or satellite HD).
Data 03.08.2006
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