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Titolo Beta(2)-microglobulin, a uremic toxin with a double meaning.
Autore B. Canaud, M. Morena, J.P. Cristol, D. Krieter
Referenza Kidney International 2006; 69 (8): 1297-1299 - doi:doi:10.1038/sj.ki.5000389.
Contenuto Beta(2)M is a strong and independent indicator of hemodialysis patient outcomes and an excellent surrogate for middle molecules, and deserves to be routinely monitored and incorporated into dialysis adequacy targets. beta(2)M has a double meaning, reflecting both dialysis efficacy in terms of solute mass transfer and patient bioactivity. The work of Ward et al. in this issue warrants a study to test the hypothesis that long daily hemodiafiltration treatment would be the optimal renal replacement modality to improve dialysis patient outcomes.
Data 20.04.2006
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