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Titolo Clinical effects of online dialysate and infusion fluids
Autore C. Tetta, S. David, D. Marcelli, P. Cogliati, M. Formica, P. Inguaggiato, V. Panichi
Referenza Hemodialysis International 2006; 10: S60-S66
Contenuto (Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland GmbH, Bad Homburg, Germany.) Online hemodiafiltration appears to be the most effective technique of renal replacement therapy in many respects. Removal of small and high-molecular weight substances is enhanced. Modern technology ensures a safe, online production of reinfusion fluids. Nonetheless, stringent maintenance rules are required for the production of sterile and nonpyrogenic-dialysate solutions. In this review, we will critically review the state of the art of the clinical effects derived from the use of ultrapure dialysate and the online production of dialysate fluids in high-flux hemodiafiltration.
Data 13.02.2006
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