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Titolo Why thermosensing - A primer on thermoregulation
Autore J. Passlick-Deetjen, E. Bedenbender-Stoll
Referenza Nephrol Dial Transplant - (2005) 20: 1784-1789
Contenuto Symptomatic hypotension is a frequent complication during haemodialysis treatment sessions. One of the reasons is rapid blood volume reduction with inadequate vasoconstriction. Furthermore, heat accumulation during dialysis occurs and leads to decreased peripheral resistance and thus decreased venous return. As a consequence, cooler than the usual dialysate temperatures were used and showed an advantage for cardiovascular stability during haemodialysis [1-12]. This practice has not been applied in clinical routine up to now, as patients dependent on their actual temperature suffered from shivering. If future practice would take the optimal individualized dialysate temperature of patients into account, the quality of dialysis treatment could be further improved. The question, however, is which is the optimal dialysate temperature, and how can it be achieved. In order to answer this question in more detail some principles of thermoregulation will be discussed.
Data 19.09.2005
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