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Titolo Dialysate partitioning in the Genius - batch hemodialysis system: Effect of temperature and solute concentration
Autore Annemieke Dhondt, Sunny Eloot, Dirk De Wachter, Rita De Smet, Marie-Anne Waterloos, Griet Glorieux, Norbert Lameire, Pascal Verdonck, Raymond Vanholder
Referenza Kidney International - Volume 67 Issue 6 Page 2470 - June 2005
Contenuto Background. The Genius - batch system contains a 75-L closed reservoir from which fresh dialysate is extracted at the top, and to which spent dialysate is returned at the bottom. In vivo studies have demonstrated that almost the entire amount of dialysate can be used before contamination of fresh with spent dialysate occurs. The question is raised whether density differences cause this separation, and what the relative contributions of temperature and solute content are. Conclusion. Both temperature differences between spent and fresh dialysate and solute content of spent dialysate contribute to dialysate partitioning in the Genius - dialysis system.
Data 13.05.2005
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