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Titolo Impact of Predialysis Care on Clinical Outcomes
Autore Hock H. Yeoh, Herbert S. Tiquia, Antoine C. Abcar, ScottA Rasgon,Mohamed L. Idroos, Sam F. Daneshvari
Referenza Hemodial Int. 2003 7 (4):338-341
Contenuto Introduction: A structured predialysis multidisciplinary team program is beneficial in improving quality of life in patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Educating pre-ESRD patients about their disease is vital in their care. Patients who can identify signs and symptoms of impending problems can seek help and avoid complications that may lead to hospital admissions. Our dialysis center offers two predialysis classes in a structured format. The first class is for those patients with mild to moderate renal disease, whereas the second class is for those with advanced renal disease who are expected to need dialysis in 3 to 6 months. The patients are followed by a multidisciplinary team once they are enrolled in our chronic kidney disease program. Methods: We retrospectively reviewed all the charts of patients who started dialysis at our center between 1997 and 2000. We identified 68 patients who participated in the predialysis education program and 35 patients who did not because of late referral or refusal to participate. We compared these two groups over a 100-day period (10 days before initial dialysis and 90 days after), for hospitalizations, emergency room (ER) visits, and dialysis access placement. Patients comorbid conditions, complications, and length of hospitalizations were extracted from the medical records. Results: The 68 patients who completed the predialysis program had an average age of 60.3 years, a total of 96 hospital days, and 39 ER visits. Average length of hospital stay for these patients was 1.4 days. Three patients (4.4%) required placement of temporary catheters for the initial dialysis. Fifty-one percent of these patients had diabetes mellitus. The 35 patients of average age of 54.9 years who did not go through the program had 347 total hospital days and 39 ER visits. Average length of hospitalization was 9.9 days. Thirteen patients (37%) required temporary catheters for initial dialysis. This group included 16 patients (45.7%) with diabetes.
Data 07.03.2005
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