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Titolo Chronic Kidney Disease: Evolution of Healthcare Costs and Resource Consumption from Predialysis to Dialysis in Piedmont Region, Italy
Autore Daniela Paola Roggeri,1 Alessandro Roggeri,1 and Mario Salomone2 - 1 ProCure Solutions, Via Camozzi 1-C, 24027 Nembro, Italy - 2Nefrologia e Dialisi, Ospedale Maggiore di Chieri, Via De Maria 1, 10023 Chieri, Italy
Referenza Advances in Nephrology 2014; dx.doi.org/10.1155/2014/680737

This study aims at assessing the evolution in healthcare costs for chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients through the analysis of administrative databases of Piedmont region, Italy. This is a retrospective, observational study, for which patients undergoing at least one dialysis for CKD in the period of June 1, 2010–May 31, 2011 were selected. Two subpopulations were evaluated: patients incident-to-dialysis observed for the 12 months preceding dialysis entrance (PreD) and “established” dialysis patients (at least 120 dialyses/year) observed for 12 months (EstD). Overall, 1,059 PreD and 2,018 EstD patients were selected.The average yearly cost per PreD patient accounted for 11,123C } 15,095C (75% hospitalizations, 17% drugs, and 8% diagnostic/therapeutic procedures).

The average yearly cost per EstD patient accounted for 53,764C } 14,685C (59% dialysis, 21% diagnostic/therapeutic procedures, 13% hospitalizations, and 6.7% drugs). Among EstD population, hemodialysis patients cost 56,049C } 13,473C per year, whereas

peritoneal dialysis patients cost 34,978C } 10,847C per year. The significant difference in expenditure between predialysis and dialysis suggests that prevention, early diagnosis, and the consequent possible delay of dialysis entrance could lead to important savings for healthcare services, as well as a better global health status for patients.

Data 19.10.2014
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