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Titolo Elements for economic evaluation on online Hemodiafiltration (ol-HDF) versus standard Haemodialysis to treat patients with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)
Autore Prof. Mario Del Vecchio - University of Medicine Florence - Bocconi Business University Milan, Italy, Dr. Guido Giordana - Fresenius Medical Care - NephroCare Coordination EMEALA, Dr. Luciano Pedrini - Seriate Hospital, Italy, Dr. Daniele Marcelli - Fresenius Medical Care - Medical Board EMEALA, Dr. Nicola Sisti - Bocconi Business University Milan, Italy - AcknoWle dgmen ts M. Dobreva MSC Fresenisus Medical Care
Referenza IJPH 2012, 9 (4) Suppl.1: S0-S50

In a recent survey among more than 6 000 nephrology professionals, almost half were in favour of the use of high-flux HD and HDF as their best option for extracorporeal dialysis therapy. An analysis of clinical literature suggests that on-line HDF provides an increase in years of life gained, a reduction of adverse events, reduced hospitalizations, a reduced use of drugs and improved organizational efficiency. All the following elements have...

Data 16.12.2013
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